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Toyota Dealer 400
information supplied by: Cross Country Exco 30 October 2009

Following requests from a number of parties a meeting took place at MSA on Tuesday 20 October to discuss various issues surrounding the organisation of the Lydenburg Toyota event and following from the South African Motorsport Club’s notification that they would not be available to host another event.

A number of issues were addressed, inter alia:
• The degree of unhappiness from the Off-Road Car Racing Commission (ORCRC) as to pre-event and during event organizational issues;
• The way certain members and officials of the ORCRC were addressed on the event;
• The alleged misuse/abuse of a vehicle supplied by Toyota for the organizers to utilise on the event;
• The alleged non-submission of regulations to the Commission President;
• The lack of an Independents Trophy at the Prize Giving;
• The quality and quantity of marshals on the event;
• Issues surrounding the recording of competitor’s times;
• The drawing of the road book by the ORCRC’s representative and not the club;
• The changes necessary to the route due to the lack of rain at the onset of the wet season resulting in permissions for the use of forests being withdrawn ten days before the commencement of the event;
• The placing of caution warnings on the caution and not 100m before as dictated by the applicable regulations; and
• The unsuitability of the DSP due to lack of infrastructure and the immense dust.

The meeting was attended by Messrs. Willie du Plessis and Hendrik Verwoerd together with Ms. Henriette Jooste from SAM and Messrs. Richard Schilling and Adri Roets together with Ms. Charmaine Fortune from the ORCRC and was chaired by Mr. Francois Pretorius.

The meeting was held in a good spirit and the difficult issues were dealt with via some straight talking. It is not the purpose of this email to list the full discussion save to say that the following decisions were taken:

• SAM and the ORCRC are severely embarrassed by the state of the vehicle loaned from Toyota. SAM is to write a letter of apology to Toyota and will pay for repairs.
• Marshalling issues were made more difficult due to the date clash with a regional rally. This is to be taken back to MSA by the ORCRC and Francois Pretorius who will endeavour to ensure that such clashes are eradicated.
• The marking inconsistencies were noted for future action.
• Any personal issues are to be handled by the persons concerned.
• Mr. Schilling undertook to write a letter to a marshal whose table he allegedly bumped when leaving DSP.
• SAM undertook award an Independents Trophy and send it to the winner.
• Willie du Plessis offered to facilitate the introduction of the new organisation team to the Landowners to ensure the continuation of the event.

The air was cleared on the communication issues that clearly lead to certain of the issues, as well as those surrounding the vehicles on the event. We all look forward to a successful 2010 event.

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