document : 2009 Eastern Cape 400 - Screamers

2009 Eastern Cape 400 - Screamers
information supplied by: Cross Country Exco 09 April 2009

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As per the e-mail below from ATS Motorsport Supplies, screamers (PWD) will not be compulsory for the Eastern Cape 400.

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From: ATS Motorsport []
Sent: 08 April 2009 01:53 PM
To: Richard Schilling
Cc: Dick Sorensen
Subject: PWD Update

Dear Richard,

I wish to advise that production of the PWD (Personal Warning Device) developed by ATS Motorsport Supplies has been unexpectedly delayed due to the late arrival of a "critical" radio module from the UK.

As changes to the original product specification confirmed by yourselves at the previous event necessitated the use of an upgraded radio module, supply of the component per the revised specification has unfortunately taken longer than anticipated.

Although the production team has made every effort to have the new PWD available for the forthcoming Eastern Cape 400, final assembly of the product cannot be undertaken until such time as the radio module has been received and installed onto the control board.

We are thus in the hands of the notoriously unreliable customs authority and with the upcoming public holidays it is simply not possible to guarantee availability of the finished units prior to the intended event - bear in mind that each unit needs to be individually tested following final assembly.

Our company understands the importance of having a reliable warning device to facilitate overtaking within off-road racing, but at the same time believes it important to ensure competitors do not waste their valuable resources purchasing a product which has been assembled at the last minute without the necessary post-production quality checks.

Although regrettable it would be appreciated if compulsory use of the PWD could be delayed until the following event - KZN Sugarbelt 400.

Per the above request ATS Motorsport Supplies will commit to having the complete units (including wiring harness and activation button) available as from Monday the 27th of April at the very latest, which will provide competitors with 3 weeks in which to obtain and install the unit prior to the "compulsory" event - wiring harnesses and activation buttons will be available as from 10am on Tuesday the 14th.

Although the delay is disappointing to all concerned it is extremely important that the final product provide a reliable long term solution to the overtaking issue, as a result of which we believe it best not to risk compromising quality within the production process in the interest of meeting a deadline.

Your understanding in this matter would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Robin Houghton (ATS Motorsport Supplies)

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