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CitroËn At the Geneva Motor Show
information supplied by: Citroen 25 February 2013

At the Geneva Motor Show CITROËN is once again demonstrating dynamic impetus and a passion for customers through continuous innovation.

Citroën is rolling out a major product lines. Not only is it renewing its C-range flagship model with the new CITROËN C3, but it is also presenting the Technospace, a concept heralding the renewal of the C4 Picasso in the second half of the year. The premium market will continue to be conquered with the launch of the DS3 Cabrio.

This product on display is backed up by a technology offensive. After pioneering the particulate filter and Stop&Start expertise, leading the way in diesel hybrid technology with the Hybrid 4, and being the first to market an electric car, CITROËN is presenting another high-tech breakthrough: the Hybrid Air system.

Hybrid Air technology, is a unique system developed by PSA in collaboration with the Bosch group and drawing upon the historic expertise of brand engineers in hydraulic systems for cars.

Hybrid Air delivers breakthrough performance, with fuel consumption of less than 3 litres/100 km and no battery, for an even smaller environmental footprint, a more affordable price and no impact on onboard space. This revolutionary technology is particularly well suited to models in the B and C segments as well as to LCVs.
At the Geneva Motor Show, it can be seen on the new CITROËN C3.

CITROËN already markets a wide range of advanced technologies for all types of use:
- Hybrid4 diesel hybrid technology, available on the DS5 (25% of versions sold in Europe in
- full electric with the C-ZERO city car and Berlingo LCV, available during the second quarter of 2013,
- e-HDi micro-hybrid technology, the most well-rounded system on the market, combining comfort and efficiency, and available on most brand models, for example: the e-HDi 70 engine on the new C3, which emits just 87g of CO2,

- and PureTech, a new family of cleaner, more powerful petrol engines, increasing power by 15% and slashing fuel consumption/CO2 emissions by 25% compared with the previous generation of petrol engines.

C-line: major new vehicles
CITROËN is continuing to expand on the product line-up this year, with the renewal of two of its flagship models:

The C3, and the C4 PICASSO, a leader in the compact MPV segment. At the
Geneva Motor Show, CITROËN is revealing the new CITROËN C3 and the TECHNOSPACE concept car, heralding a future compact MPV to be launched in the second half of 2013.

The new CITROËN C3 maintains the key features contributing to the success of the C3: the biggest windscreen on the market, a unique, appealing personality, dynamic styling underlined by the new front end, onboard comfort, and an original driving experience with even more innovative technologies.

Demonstrating CITROËN’s Créative Technologie, the TECHNOSPACE concept car heralds the future C4 Picasso. Marking a change of era, it delivers record-breaking CO2 emissions of just 98 g/km, an array of technologies for comfort and well-being, original proportions, and strong, expressive design.

The DS line: still exclusive and with even more appeal

In three years, the DS line has notched up sales of over 300,000 units. CITROËN is continuing to conquer the Premium market with the launch of the DS3 Cabrio.

At Geneva, the Marque is unveiling two limited editions from the DS line: the DS3 Racing, with a bold matt gold finish, and the DS4 Electro Shot, a car of stunning looks. And to underline its commitment to creation and design, the Marque is also displaying a unique model designed with the Italian edition of Vogue magazine for men, the DS3 Cabrio L’Uomo Vogue.

This model will be sold by silent auction for the benefit of the project, “Women Create Life”. This project was developed through the WHO (World Health Organisation), the specialised UN agency, which supports and promotes activities that improve health conditions for women and children. On the evening of 6 March, an exclusive event will be organised at the headquarters of the WHO in Geneva.

In 1955, CITROËN launched a spectacular innovation with the DS, illustrating its expertise in automotive hydraulics a system combining pressurised air with high-pressure hydraulics to control the suspension, steering, braking and semi-automatic gearbox.

In 1958, CITROËN engineers developed a prototype 2CV, a hybrid vehicle using pressurised air and hydraulics to boost the combustion engine. However, as there was no real market for the car, and technologies were lacking for its mass production, the project never became a reality.

In 2013, Hybrid Air technology is revolutionising the car industry. A technological feat drawing upon the historic expertise of CITROËN engineers.

Combining a petrol engine with compressed air through the use of hydraulic power
Hybrid Air relies on proven sub-systems and technologies: a PureTech petrol engine, a compressed air energy storage unit, a hydraulic pump/motor unit and an automatic transmission with an epicyclic gear train. An intelligent electronic management system manages input from the driver to optimise energy efficiency.

Three operating modes are available: Air power (zero emissions), Petrol power, using only the combustion engine, and combined power, with the combustion engine and hydraulic motor working together.

Breakthrough characteristics
Hybrid Air technology requires no battery (more affordable price, no impact on cabin space, easier recycling). It delivers breakthrough performance: fuel consumption slashed by 45% in the city compared with an equivalent petrol engine, less than 3 l/100 km, 69 g/km of CO2, boost effect).

As this technology is particularly well suited to city driving, it has been showcased on the new CITROËN C3 for the Geneva Motor Show. The prototype on display features specific colours and materials, with anis-tinted wheels, exterior door mirror housings and headlight slats.

This prototype, which boasts record-beating consumption of just 2.9 l/100 km thanks to its Hybrid Air technology, is shod with new specially sized Michelin® tyres (165/50 R 18) enabling it to cut fuel consumption by almost 0.2 l/100 km. This tyre has a particularly large diameter and reduced width to cut rolling resistance, weight and noise.

Complementing Hybrid4 diesel hybrid technology, the Hybrid Air system is aimed at a different customer base. It is designed to provide solutions available to everybody and for all types of use.

CITROËN TECHNOSPACE: a change of era With the CITROËN Xsara Picasso, C4 Picasso, Grand C4 Picasso and C3 Picasso, CITROËN has created a success story, establishing itself as a leader in the compact MPV segment

Today, CITROËN is maintaining the momentum and taking a major new step forwards. At the Geneva Motor Show, it is unveiling the CITROËN TECHNOSPACE concept, heralding the future compact MPV to be launched in second-half 2013.
Reflecting CITROËN’s Créative Technologie, the new vehicle will mark a change of generation, with:

- record-beating CO2 emissions of just 98 g/km, thanks to the EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform 2), combining efficient architecture with optimised weight,

- an array of technologies promoting comfort, including a fully tactile driving interface and a 12’’ high-definition panoramic screen,

- new proportions combining compact size (l: 4.43m / w: 1.83m / h: 1.61m), benchmark interior space and record-breaking boot capacity (537 litres VDA),

- strong and expressive design with dynamic lines and high-tech headlights featuring rear 3D effect lights inspired by the Marque’s latest concept cars.
- loft-style cabin design with a bright, uncluttered ambience and high-quality materials.

The new CITROËN C3 is set to continue the success of the Marque’s flagship model.

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show prior to its launch in 2013, the new CITROËN C3 adds greater strength and depth to the qualities of its predecessor. It is a C3 with even more content and new selling features for buyers:

- more Créative Technologie with its Zenith windscreen, a proven success providing class best visibility, and new, more efficient engines (from 87g/km of CO2),
- more character, with stronger styling lines, a new smile at the front end and new rear lights,
- and even more cheerful comfort and softness, with brighter, more friendly trim design and more onboard comfort equipment, including a reversing camera for easier day-today manoeuvres.

The DS line is a true showcase for the Marque on international markets, with more than 300,000 examples sold in less than three years. It is an expression of French luxury, exceptionally sophisticated with unique styling that is both inspired and emotional.

CITROËN DS3 Cabrio, non-stop driving pleasure

The CITROËN DS3 Cabrio will be launched in SA in the second quarter of 2013. Doing away with the constraints of conventional cabriolets, it features an intelligent design that allows users take advantage of even the slightest ray of sunshine.

The DS3 Cabrio is first and foremost a real DS3, with the addition of a modern high-tech solution that enhances its unique character without detracting from its original driving sensation.

The soft-top roof adds to the wide range of customisation features available, with a choice of three designs: Black, Infini Blue and a DS badge pattern. The DS3 Cabrio also inherits the sophisticated design of the DS line, with a 3D-effect innovative rear light signature and an original tailgate opening mechanism.

With breakthrough features that are new to its segment, the DS3 Cabrio brings a modern breeze to the world of cabriolet design, with:
- an electric roof that can be opened at speeds of up to 120 kph,
- the biggest boot in its category
- and five real seats, the only car in its segment with this feature.

CITROËN DS3 Racing, eminently sporty
With eight WRC Manufacturers’ titles and nine Drivers’ and Co-drivers’ titles for Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena, CITROËN has left its mark on the history of motorsport.
Turning the spotlight on this sporting adventure, the Marque is unveiling and launching a bold new version of the DS3 Racing at the Geneva Motor Show.

In keeping with the Racing spirit, this 2013 edition is even more eye-catching: matt black bodywork, a new matt gold shade for the roof and a special sticker. The new matt gold can also be seen on the rear spoiler, door mirror housings, chevrons and front grille as well as inside the car, on the fascia strip and base of the gear lever.

The roof sticker, repeated on the dashboard, celebrates the sporting achievements of the Citroën World Rally Team since its first win in 2001.

This new version of the DS3 Racing features the rear 3D-effect LED lights introduced on the DS3 Cabrio, along with 18’’ two-tone alloy wheels in matt gold and black.

This new edition delivers the same performance as the other Racing versions. The 1.6 litre engine benefits from all the Marque’s expertise. Tuned by CITROËN RACING, it develops 202 bhp. The running gear was also specially tuned in order to deliver intense driving sensations and to promote an ongoing dialogue between the driver and the road.

CITROËN DS4 Electro Shot, a car with striking looks

After the assertive DS4 Just Mat and the sophisticated DS4 Pure Pearl, CITROËN is adding a new definition of the DS4 to the range: the Electro Shot.

Launched to coincide with the Geneva Motor Show and based on the So Chic finish, this limited edition introduces the two-tone characteristic finish of the DS line on the DS4 with a gloss black roof and spoiler along with side door mouldings and 17’’ alloy wheels painted in the same colour.

The new exterior look also features chrome-finish door mirrors.

The CITROËN DS4 Electro Shot is also the first model to be produced by the new customisation workshop at the Mulhouse production site. A workshop run by body specialists with a passion for their work. And a workshop born to satisfy the expectations of DS customers looking for a unique, highquality product with a high level of customised content.

The CITROËN brand
CITROËN was born 90 years ago at the feet of the Eiffel Tower. A dynamic and creative brand, in 2010 it launched the DS line, a new line of distinctive products that today features the DS3, DS4 and DS5. Building on its “Créative Technologie” positioning, CITROËN markets a range including a full-electric car as well as vehicles equipped with e-HDi micro-hybrid and Hybrid4 full hybrid technology.The brand’s technological advance is also on show in the World Rally Championship, where it has amassed eight Constructors’ titles. In addition, the Marque is innovating in services with the CITROËN MULTICITY mobility offering. CITROËN has 10,000 customer contact points, presence in 90 countries and sold 1,265,000 vehicles in 2012.

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