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Terra Topia Open Letter
information supplied by: Terra Topia Dirt Bike Club - Killer Style Promotions 23 January 2013

Greetings to all

Hope you all the very best for 2013. Now that the festive season is over I bet you are all keen to start the new dirt bike riding season with renewed spirit & energy. It is also a time to say thank you for our blessings & to reflect on an interesting yet difficult year.

We unfortunately had to say goodbye to Eroll Dalton, a dear friend to many and a respected motorcycle champion. He will surely be missed in the sport & will remain in our thoughts forever.

For the first time also in the history of dirt biking, we had 2 controlling federations of our sport. The establishment of WOMZA was indeed a very interesting & adapting year for everyone alike. We wait & see what will transpire for 2013. The wish of Terra Topia is that both MSA and WOMZA can somehow find a way to work together, for the sake of the sport in general.

Terra Topia is only 10 months old as at 1st January. We broke ground in the first week of February 2012. We have come a long way in a short period of time. The club sincerely thanks all the club members that prefunded capital projects by subscribing to our exclusive memberships.

We have a few big and many smaller sponsors that have helped with capital projects during the year in which we established ourselves as one of the country’s premier riding facilities. Our utmost gratitude to them for their sacrifice, donations & advertising spend. All are of equal importance in keeping our collective dream alive.

A special thank you goes out to Stefannuti Stocks for clearing the wild veld area and constructing the Grand Prix style track. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed as they are fast becoming a noticeable & well-known household brand. Another unselfish, unsolicited sponsor is Hammon International who provides the permanent skid steer loader and the serviced porta loo. Without their assistance the track will not be safe and never in the good condition as it generally is.

Together with DG Projects that sponsored the concrete, Hammon International also sponsored the bricks for the wash bays. Lani Services built the most awesome extra wide start gates and has helped on numerous occasions with other specialised steel work and supplies. ADreach was kind enough to support us by providing all the “street pole” type signage. We trust that their exciting new “BAM” product is successful.

We had help from UDS Civils in the form of equipment & the construction of the concrete kerbing behind the start gates. Thanks to both companies for creating world class start gates. Personal thanks to Rob Bowen for all his help and positive reinforcement throughout the year & especially the cold winter mornings. Thanks to Castrol for sponsoring all the lubricant gift packs and also to Monster Energy for their gift contributions & help on our Fun Weekends etc. The club thanks all those advertisers and corporates that helped financially by either discounting their products/services, taking out membership and/or buying flag banners to help towards extending the main watering pipelines. I trust all received fair advertising value in return.

Lastly but by no means least, we also say a big thank you to all our non-members/day visitors. The club can only survive by way of practice fees. Without your continued & regular support the facility will surely be lost to the entire dirt bike fraternity forever. (Terra Topia is affiliated to both MSA and WOMZA. Membership to qualify for a racing license is available at R350. Club membership is now open for 2013 – support the club that gives you the ride of your life.)

Moving on; 2012 was a difficult & hard year with many lessons learnt. There have been great losses due to theft and vandalism. The club has none the less definitely established itself as the busiest track in the country. We still have a long way to go to realise our full vision & to make Terra Topia the premier home for SA motocross.

There are short and long term goals that can only be reached by outside assistance and only if many support the club in some form. On the short list is the construction of a big garage to protect what we have followed by first class multiple ablution facilities. The general pit area needs to be extended and more fencing installed. The VIP pit areas will be grassed and maintained to create a more pleasing experience and general atmosphere.

The Club house and other need-to-have facilities are on our long term list. Maybe we get lucky. The club is exploring all avenues to accelerate the process. The track design has many positives with the change in elevation creating many interesting challenges not usually presented to our local riders.

The sandy terrain has its benefits but unfortunately is very expensive to maintain and water. It is for this reason the club has had to increase the “watered practice” fees as from 1st January. (See the sign boards). The cost of labour, diesel and petrol to pump the water into the tanks and then out onto the track has generally been more than the income generated.

What must be considered & appreciated by all is the fact that Terra Topia is twice as long and is also more than twice as wide as any other track. The venue comprises of + - 17 hectares, all of which must be maintained and kept free of weeds etc.

There is no power supply from Eskom, so the club has to use a big diesel generator for the borehole pumps and other services, plus petrol pumps for the watering system. This cost is EIGHT times greater than using electricity from Eskom.

Our new 2013 different levels of membership offers increased discounts to members. It is now makes even more sense to subscribe. (See our detailed list of the different levels of membership available.) We will, with your continued support, turn this facility into a world class venue for all to enjoy. Both Jnr and Snr tracks are great; all we need to do is add all the facilities off the track that makes the overall experience more pleasant for all our visitors.

The club will be fitting a tall and large signpost in the middle front that will be sold off for multiple advertising. We will offer the colourful banner flags again & other pole, plus perimeter fence advertising space will also be available. Book now, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!

Please visit our web site for all details, calendar, online applications & forms etc.

Have a super & safe year in the dirt.


Dave White
Terra Topia Dirt Bike Club
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