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Daniel Fourie
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The death of Daniel Fourie, whom many of you will have dealt with over the years in his role as our vehicle fleet manager, came as a huge shock to all of us at African Outdoor Group.
The lanky 36-year-old had been part of AOG for more than eight years, and indeed, had worked for the Lategan brothers (Derick, the founder of AOG and Hein, who runs a number of successful businesses in the automotive sphere) virtually since leaving school. As an understudy to Derick he had grown into a well-organised administrator, managing the press test fleets of Toyota, Nissan, Lexus and Infiniti with exceptional professionalism.
He passed away suddenly on December 22, the cause of death yet to be determined. His loss will be sorely felt, and the response to the sad news from his media and industry friends bears testament to the high regard in which he was held, as did a memorial service at AOG’s premises on December 31. He is survived by his wife Ezelle and three children, and our hearts go out to them.
His death has left a hole in all our lives, and not only was he a friend but also a wonderful colleague – the ultimate team player and loyal to a fault. Being Daniel, his work was well-organised and up-to-date when he went on leave on December 14.
Thankfully, this means we are able to continue to offer the service the media has come to expect of us and in the short term, vehicle scheduling and media requests will be handled directly by Derick Lategan, who will be supported by the existing AOG team. Derick can be contacted on 082 337 8378 or Our plans in the longer term will be announced shortly. 
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