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Motorsport Releases

23/07/13 Motorite Team aiming to strike back on Sun City 400 72,473  
05/04/13 Motorite Racing champions ready for new off road challenge in Mpumalanga 17,389  
24/02/13 Motorite Racing fields strong team in cross country championship 18,649  
26/11/12 Motorite Racing's Hutchison and Stassen win off road championship 17,276  
21/10/12 Motorite’s Hutchison and Stassen extend championship lead 30,208  
15/10/12 Motorite’s Hutchison and Stassen on track to win off road championship 30,208  
02/09/12 Hutchison and Stassen regain off road championship lead 36,864  
26/08/12 Hutchison and Stassen in strong position to challenge for championship 38,400  
30/07/12 Motorite Racing’s Hutchison and Stassen 4th in Sun City 400  
23/07/12 Motorite Racing supports rhino conservation 35,840  
25/06/12 Motorite Racing scores maiden win in Toyota 1000 Desert Race in Botswana  
18/06/12 Motorite Racing chases elusive Toyota Desert Race win 34,816  
16/04/12 Mixed results for Motorite Racing in Toyota Dealer 400 31,744  
09/04/12 Motorite Racing BAT Venom the car to beat in Toyota Dealer 400 29,696  
12/03/12 Motorite Racing in fast start to off road season with new car 29,696  
05/03/12 Motorite Racing breaks new ground with brand new BAT Venom 31  
14/11/11 Tough day at the office for Motorite Racing’s Hutchison and Harper 27,136  
06/11/11 Last chance for Motorite Racing’s Hutchison to win off road championship 28,672  
17/10/11 Motorite Racing 3rd and 5th in Human Auto 400 27,648  
10/10/11 Motorite’s Hutchison in off road championship contention 28,160  
11/09/11 Motorite’s Hutchison and Verlaque win 4x4 Megaworld 400 30,720  
04/09/11 Motorite’s Hutchison and Stassen aim to win 4x4 Megaworld 400 28,160  
01/08/11 Penalty knocks Motorite Racing pair off Sun City 400 podium 29,184  
25/07/11 Motorite Racing looking for a repeat win in the Sun City 400 26,112  
27/06/11 Motorite Racing’s Hutchison and Stassen second in Toyota Desert Race 28,672  
17/06/11 Motorite Racing chases elusive Toyota Desert Race win 34,304  
23/05/11 Podium finish for Motorite Racing in Atlas Copco Battlefields 400 27,648  
16/05/11 Motorite Racing faces a new off road challenge in KwaZulu-Natal  
12/04/11 Hutchison and Stassen among eight survivors of tough Totota Dealer 400  
06/04/11 Hutchison and Stassen aim for a win in new-look Lydenburg off road race  
14/03/11 Adenco 400 off road race - additional images  
14/03/11 Successful Motorite Racing debut for Harpers on Adenco 400  
02/03/11 Mixing business with pleasure  
07/02/11 Harpers to compete in Motorite Racing colours in 2011  
21/01/11 Motorite Racing to concentrate on off road racing in 2011  
20/10/10 Hutchison and Curtis well prepared for Free State off road race  
18/10/10 Hutchison and Coetzee end rally season on a high note  
15/03/10 Hutchison and Bergmann prepare to defend off road title  
22/09/08 Hutchison and Gericke miss out on podium finish in Swartland Rally  
18/08/08 Hutchison robbed of second place in class on Osram Rally  
14/07/08 Hutchison, Gericke out of luck in Volkswagen Rally