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SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 27/03/17 Opel Astra Awarded 2017 WesBank South African Car Of The Year -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 15/02/17 Bridgestone SA and SAGMJ to honour top motor sportsmen -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 02/11/16 Top Motoring Journalists crowned -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 30/06/16 2017 WesBank South African Car of the Year Jurors Announced -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 27/05/16 GWM Ltd China grants distribution rights to Haval Motors SA -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 09/03/16 Volvo XC90 Awarded 2016 WesBank / SAGMJ Car Of The Year Title -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 28/02/16 The nominees for the 2015 Bridgestone SA / SA Guild of Motoring -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 25/11/15 Updated and Corrected Version: It’s Sippel, Bow and Foster for -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 21/09/15 Announcement: 2016 WesBank / SAGMJ Car of the Year Semi-finalists -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 25/08/15 Announcement: 2016 WesBank / SAGMJ Car of the Year Jury Training -
SAGMJ - Admin - Adell 24/08/15 Announcement: 2016 WesBank / SAGMJ Car of the Year Jury -
SAGMJ - Chairman 01/04/15 2015 WesBank_SAGMJ COTY Voting Grid pdf
Off Road - Media 14/01/15 CHECK -
Off Road - Media 06/12/14 Close Contests In Production Vehicle Championship pdf
Off Road - Media 06/12/14 2014 Donaldson Cross Country Car Championship - Round 8 xls
Off Road - Media 06/12/14 Sullwalds Dominate Special Vehicle Championship pdf
Northern Regions Cross Country 01/12/14 2015 Northern Regions Calendar pdf
Off Road - Media 01/12/14 Castrol Team Toyota clinches Donaldson Cross Country Championship -
Off Road - Media 01/12/14 2015 Donaldson Cross Country Championship pdf
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