document : New Isuzu Trucks N-Series lead in economy and environmental care

New Isuzu Trucks N-Series lead in economy and environmental care
information supplied by: Head Honchos 27 October 2008

While Isuzu Trucks now claims the position of South Africa’s safest medium truck in 2008, their new N-Series with gross vehicle masses (GVM) from 3500kg to 8500kg offers class-leading economy simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of trucks on South African roads. Medium trucks are the backbone of the South African consumer-lead economy. It follows that fixed and operating expenses, expressed as the total cost of ownership, are critical factors in the national distribution network and truck fleets. It’s here that the new Isuzu Trucks N-Series will make its biggest impact.

And now Isuzu Trucks launches technology and safety never seen before as a standard on trucks up to 8500kg GVM. Their new medium range includes 15 dedicated models that carry over similar GVM’s from preceding models with all-new “Niche” models such as crew cab models, a specialised 4 X 4 unit and 3 models equipped with ‘Smoother’ automated manual-shift transmission (AMT) . From a global viewpoint the new N-Series matches the recently launched, extra-heavy Isuzu GIGAMAX – the emphasis is on safety, economy, and environmental performance without any compromise.

All-new common rail, electronically-managed, turbo-intercooled Isuzu diesel engines are the heart of the driveline. This is the next generation of SiTEC (Selected Isuzu Technology) engines with two high-output Isuzu diesel engines in the 15-model line-up – one engine of 3 litre capacity producing 96kW and 330Nm torque and the other at 5,2 litre producing 110kW and 404Nm torque. In decreasing fuel consumption and cutting exhaust emissions, both engines are equipped with the following :

1. Ultra-high pressure common rail fuel delivery technology allows multiple fuel injection control. This means that a pilot injection injects fuel slightly advanced from the main injection resulting in low Nitrous Oxides (NOx) emissions and reduced noise levels. The main injection follows the pilot injection for normal combustion to provide high torque.
2. Large capacity, cooled Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) is installed to lower exhaust gas temperature and reduce NOx emissions. Cooled EGR is a system that cools the un-burnt exhaust gas in the cooler and then mixes it with air for more combustion – this avoids injection timing delays and reduces NOx without combustion losses.
3. A variable geometry (VGS) turbocharger allows maximum boost at low rpm to avoid ‘turbo lag’ during acceleration. Using a VGS turbo to boost the turbocharged ratio in combination with common rail ultra-high injection pressure, and large-capacity, cooled EGR to increase the EGR ratio, has raised in-cylinder pressure as much as possible to improve combustion.
4. Isuzu Trucks proprietary control technology is embedded in the engine control software to optimise control over the fuel injection system and VGS turbocharger.
5. These diesel engines are well ahead of local emission legislation for the whole range. In terms of exhaust emissions both engines are Euro III compliant – South Africa will be applying Euro II from 2010 for all new trucks sold into our market.

Further enhancing uptime on the road and minimizing used oil processing, engine oil drain intervals have been extended to 15,000kms on the 3 litre engine and 20,000km on the 5,2 litre engines. This is best-in-class for Japanese trucks on the South African market. In addition an oil level switch has been included as standard equipment to assist in detecting any level of engine oil under-fill and improve daily engine maintenance.

A seamless Isuzu Trucks AMT gear-shift turns an average driver into a good driver. This allows a driver to focus safely on ever-changing road conditions in heavy traffic synchronising with engine technologies to further improve fuel consumption through automatic gear selection. Eliminating clutch replacement also reduces downtime and total lifetime ownership costs. Used friction material from discarded and worn clutches is also environmental hazard that is now removed. The transmission and engine ECM units optimize the gear selection for any terrain and road condition which in turn means that a driver will never miss the correct gear ratio to suit the road.

Any road accident has a major environmental impact. There are over 900,000 annual collisions on our roads with vehicle repairs and medical support for the dead and injured consuming the environment around us. The new N-Series is well-equipped with multiple active and passive safety features to minimise both the chance of being involved in a road incident and the effects of an accident. From the advanced braking system incorporating ABS and EBD to the crash-tested cab, the new N-Series will live up to its reputation of being South Africa’s safest medium class truck.

A 2-year unlimited distance warranty covers the entire 15-model range. Some N-Series trucks do as much as 500,000kms in 2 years while still under warranty.

Isuzu Trucks N-Series is now the market leader in terms of lifetime costing and minimal environmental impact. Every feature on this technically advanced medium truck also makes it the driver’s friend and success is assured through desirability from both a human and financial viewpoint.

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