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The end of an era!
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Wales Rally GB (11-14 November 2010) – Preview
The end of an era!
With the new World Rally Car regulations coming in for next year, the Citroën C4 WRC will end its career on the Rally Great Britain, the final round of the 2010 FIA World Rally Championship. Dani Sordo/Diego Vallejo and Kimi Räikkönen/Kaj Lindström will represent the Citroën Junior Team, with the aim of sealing third place in the manufacturers’ championship.
Rally Great Britain is the 13th round of the year and one of the iconic events of the World Rally Championship. It traditionally rounds off the season, although this year both the drivers’ and the manufacturers’ titles have already been decided. But the Citroën Junior Team is still aiming to secure third place in the manufacturers’ title race (which has already been won by the Citroën Total World Rally Team*) while both Dani Sordo and Kimi Räikkönen have the chance to improve their final position in the drivers’ rankings.
Dani Sordo heads into the final rally of the year lying fifth in the championship, having taken five podiums from the last seven events, and the Spaniard is hoping for a strong finish to the season. “This is a particularly difficult rally, but I’ve manage to set some good times there in the past,” he pointed out. “This year, I want to be right in the fight for victory.”
Sordo has ended up with two podiums from his last two participations in the Rally Great Britain. “The weather conditions will play a big part,” he added. “If the roads stay dry, this is going to be an extremely fast rally. If it rains though, the stages will rapidly turn into mud and it will become the most slippery event of the year. We need to get off to a good start, as I’m sure that the pace will be quick from the very beginning. Everyone wants to win the last rally of the year.”
Having scored 21 points, Kimi Räikkönen is currently 10th in the World Championship following the 10 rallies that he has taken part in. The Finn will be back on gravel in Wales: a surface on which he scored points in Jordan, Turkey and Portugal.
“We knew that our first learning year would be a bit like this,” pointed out Kimi. “Like any driver starting off in a completely new discipline that is as specialised as rallying, I’ve had my ups and downs. I imagine that Wales will be no different. We’re going to work hard during the recce. We need to make sure that we set off at a decent pace and then gradually reduce the gap to the frontrunners as the rally goes on. Our rivals will have more experience than us on these roads, although Kaj knows some of the stages. If that means that we can keep making the pace notes in the same way as before, it’s definitely a small bonus.”
The rally route has changed slightly compared to last year. A new superspecial stage (Cardiff Bay) will kick off the action on Thursday night. The first day is a repeat of 2009. But the second day returns to some older stages such as Radnor Forest, which was last used in 1999. On the final day, the Resolfen and Margam Park stages are also slightly modified.
Three questions to… Dani Sordo
Rally Great Britain is far from being a typical rally, with unique surfaces and conditions. Is it an event you enjoy?
“I really like it. The roads are often quite fast and that suits my driving style well. The stages are difficult but they’re also great fun for both driver and co-driver. But at this time of year the weather conditions can change the character of the rally completely. I remember the start of one stage in Britain a few years ago that was in full fog, while it was raining and night was falling. It felt like driving through a tunnel. I actually switched off the light pod so that it felt less like driving into a wall of white in front of the bonnet. I could see nothing at all, so it was really important to have total confidence in the pace notes. It’s a really vivid memory!”
What will be your objective to finish the season?
“I’m going to be flat-out from the beginning. I want to fight for the win. We’re going to prepare for the rally well and work hard during the recce. The Rally Great Britain is the final event of the year, and everyone will be very keen to do well. You need to be up there, and I want to get a result. I know that I’m capable of doing it and that the Citroën Junior Team can help me.”
This will be the last rally for the Citroën C4 WRC… what will you remember about your four years with this car?
“It’s a car that has played a huge part in the history of rallying. The Citroën Xsara WRC reached a very high level, but the C4 WRC has raised the bar further still. The Citroën team has done an extraordinary job and the results are the proof. The C4 WRC has won on every surface; I don’t think there’s a single rally where it hasn’t triumphed at some point. I’ll always have really good memories of the C4; it’s a car that is competitive everywhere. The whole chassis, the roadholding, and the engine…everything has reached an exceptional level with constant month-by-month progress and development. It’s been a pleasure to drive it for the last four seasons and it’s certainly going to be a pleasure to drive it again in Great Britain.”
Useful information
Wales Rally GB (round 13/13) (11-14 November)
Surface: gravel
Where: Cardiff
Practical information: Rally HQ and the media centre are in the Wales Millennium Centre. The service park is in Cardiff Bay. On the first day of the rally, Friday 12 November, the sun will rise at 0727 and set again at 1625. In November, the average temperatures range between 5°C in the morning and 10°C in the afternoon. The local currency is the pound sterling (£): £1 = 1.14 euro.
Technical: The two Citroën C4 WRCs will run with the same engines used in France and Spain.
Tyres: A total of 42 soft-compound Pirelli Scorpion tyres will be at each crew’s disposal, including six for the shakedown.
Reconnaissance: This will take place on Tuesday 9 November from 0800-1340 and Wednesday 10 November from 0800-1600, with a maximum of two passes allowed over each special stage. The maximum speed allowed is 80kph unless local signage indicates a lower limit.
Shakedown: Wednesday 10 November between 1900 and 2200 in Cardiff Bay.
Press conference: Thursday 11 November at 1330 in the media centre.
Start: Thursday 11 November in Cardiff Bay from 1830.
Route: The total length is 1612.04 km, of which 359.44 km are competitive. There are 20 stages (10 different stages).
Timing: Day 1 – 594.80 km of which 129.96 km are competitive (7 stages, 4 different stages). Thursday 11 November – Start: 1830 – SS1: ‘Cardiff Bay 1’ (1.70 km) – Parc Fermé: 1940 – Friday 12 November – Start: 0600 – Service A (0600 / 15 min) – SS2: Hafren 1 (31.99 km) – SS3: Sweet Lamb 1 (4.26 km) – SS4: Myherin 1 (27.88 km) – Service B (1225 / 15 min) – SS5: Hafren 2 (31.99 km) – SS6: Sweet Lamb 2 (4.26 km) – SS7: Myherin 2 (27.88 km) – Service C (1830 / 45 min) – Last car into parc fermé at 2200.
Day 2 – Saturday 13 November – 640.68 km of which 153.34 km are competitive (9 stages, 5 different stages). Start: 0600 – Service D (0600 / 15 min) – SS8: ‘Radnor 1’ (14.78 km) – SS9: Monument Hill 1 (10.14 km) – SS10: Four Ways Crychan 1 (25.14 km) – SS11: Halfway 1 (18.37 km) – Service E (1312 / 30 min) – SS12: Radnor 2 (14.78 km) – SS13: Monument Hill 2 (10.14 km) – SS14: Four Ways Crychan 2 (25,14 km) – SS15: Halfway 2 (18.37 km) – SS16: Cardiff Bay 2 (1.70 km) – Service F (1846 / 45 min) – Last car into parc fermé at 2315.
Day 3 – Sunday 14 November – 376.56 km of which 76.14 km are competitive (4 stages, 2 different stages). Start: 0615 – Service G (0615 / 15 min) – SS17: Resolfen 1 (29.99 km) – SS18: Margam Park 1 (8.08 km) – Service H (1025 / 30 min) – SS19: Resolfen 2 (29.99 km) – SS20: Margam Park 2 (8.08 km) – Service I (1443 / 10 min) – Finish at 1453.
Final podium: Sunday 14 November from 1525.
Final press conference: Sunday 14 November at 1600 in the media centre.
The crews before this rally:
Dani Sordo: First WRC rally: Spain 03 (Lancer Gp.N / 18th) – WRC rallies: 83 – junior title: 2005 (C2 S1600).
Diego Vallejo: First WRC rally: Sweden 99 (106 with Manuel Muniente / ret.) – WRC rallies: 22.
Kimi Räikkönen: First WRC rally: Finland 09 (Punto Super 2000 / ret.) – WRC rallies: 11.
Kaj Lindström: First WRC rally: Finland 96 (Golf GTI / ret.) – WRC rallies: 72 – WRC wins: 1.
The crews on the Rally Great Britain:
Dani Sordo: 5th participation: 2006 (Xsara WRC / 7th) – 2007 (C4 WRC / 5th) – 2008 (C4 WRC / 3rd) – 2009 (C4 WRC / 3rd).
Diego Vallejo: 3rd participation: 2000 (Lancer Gp.N with Ramon Ferreyros / 21st) – 2001 (Punto Super 1600 / ret.).
Kimi Räikkönen: 1st participation.
Kaj Lindström: 8th participation: 1998 (Mégane avec T.Laukkanen / 12th) – 1999 (Mégane avec T.Laukkanen / 12th) – 2000 (Focus WRC avec T.Laukkanen / ret.) – 2001 (Lancer WRC avec T. Mäkinen / ret.) – 2002 (Impreza WRC with T.Mäkinen / 4th) – 2003 (Impreza WRC with T.Mäkinen / 3rd) – 2005 (Lancer Gp.N with N.Barratt / 41st).
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