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359011The South African Guild of Motoring Journalists (SAGMJ) is proud to have MOTUL, the international premium specialist lubricants company, as a support sponsor of its Car of the Year competition. Motul, represented in South Africa by Premium Lubricants, and Hollard Insurance are support sponsors of the competition, with WesBank being the headline sponsor.

MOTUL is a premium specialist lubricants company that has been prominent in the local motorcycle lubricants market for the last 20 years.

We would like to introduce you to the MOTUL team:

Motul keeps expanding its product offering in South Africa through Premium Lubricants as their South African distributor for the automotive, industrial and agricultural product ranges. AMP continues to distribute Motul motorcycle lubricants.

“We are extremely proud about being Motul’s official automotive distributor for South Africa,” says Justin Levy, General Manager of Premium Lubricants. “The Motul brand is synonymous with high performance and quality. With the very latest advancements in engine technology now reaching our shores in South Africa, there has never been a more fitting time for the leader in specialist lubricants to grow in this market.”

Motul is proud to be part of the prestigious WesBank / SAGMJ Car of the Year (COTY) competition, hosted by the SA Guild of Motoring Journalists (SAGMJ). “This partnership represents a sound platform for the introduction of the automotive arm of the Motul brand as it aligns directly with our competitive nature and drive for performance excellence”, Levy adds.

About Motul:

History & Heritage:
Motul was established in 1853. With more than a century and a half of uninterrupted activity, Motul has been able to consistently modernise itself and remain at the forefront of technological innovation. This permanent quest and the determination to move forward have led the company to its current premium market positioning. Motul enjoys an enviable worldwide reputation and is universally recognised for the quality of its products, capacity to innovate and involvement in the world of competition.

More than mere components of its brand image, Motul’s fundamental values can be seen in the way the group interacts with its clients, suppliers, personnel and partners:

High technology • Expertise • Authenticity • Commitment

Differentiating itself:
Motul has risen above existing standards by developing products based on unconventional technologies like the EsterCore® of the 300V range for cars and the amine-free and boric acid-free technologies used in the aeronautics industry for machining titanium.

Motul has always had a strong involvement at the highest level of motorsport competition, which provides it with an unparalleled test bench for experimental formulas. These successful formulations are then rolled out as products for demanding clients.

Research and development:
Historically Motul has stood out from its competitors through its high-tech solutions. Back in 1953, its centenary year, the company launched Motul Century, the first truly multi-grade lubricant, manufactured in France. Then in 1966, Century 2100 entered the market. This was the first automotive semi-synthetic lubricant containing all the advantages of castor oil but without the disadvantages: cost, oxidation and varnish deposits. The best was still to come though and Motul created a stir in 1971 by developing a 100% synthetic lubricant made from esters of vegetal origin and applying aeronautical technology for its formulation. True to its motorsport heritage and as a tribute to the 300 victories obtained by the brand at that date, this revolutionary lubricant was called '300V'.

Furthermore, Motul has research and development laboratories in Japan and France, which are staffed by specialist teams (chemists and engineers) in order to develop formulations of new products.

Competition: The second Motul Laboratory:
Technical support in the racing world is a genuine Motul philosophy. As a sponsoring pioneer, Motul has been present since the beginning of the 1950’s in the leading motorsport disciplines: including car, motorcycle, and speedboat racing.

This high involvement in racing is based on genuine partnerships which central to the product quality process. There is no better laboratory to assess the absolute suitability of a lubricant formulation than the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Motorcycle Grand Prix or world championship rallies. With more than 40 world championship titles, Motul has played a role in bringing home the laurels as a technical partner to many major OEMs like Suzuki, Yamaha, Subaru, Aston Martin, McLaren and Nismo (Nissan).

Motul is also proud to have played its part as a technical partner to racing teams in over 20 countries where in 2012 alone it took more than 60 championship titles.

Motul engineers regularly develop experimental formulations that are utilised by the factory teams of OEMs who take part in major motorsport disciplines such as the World Moto GP Championship, Super GT series and World Rally Championship, amongst others.

This means that the technology and experience gained from the racing efforts is transferred directly to road driving.

Work with OEMs:
In each of the main territories where Motul operates, a Centre of Excellence keeps in close contact with OEMs to guide the research & development team’s activities. This technical watch is therefore utilised to ensure OEM standards are maintained internationally, irrespective of the location of their application as well as to ensure regular feedback from the client is taken into consideration to achieve maximum performance and protection of the engine components.

Work in conjunction with the OEMs comprises mainly the following:

Motorsport Line:
Motul’s latest technological evolution is EsterCore© and is used exclusively in the 300V range. This technology guarantees the ability to obtain maximum performance above and beyond existing standards.

EsterCore© technology guarantees increased power output through the reduction of internal engine component friction. It also ensures increased reliability due to the high temperature resistance properties as well as through the maintenance of positive oil pressure. Motul 300V with EsterCore© technology gives an increased level of protection due to the polarity properties of the EsterCore© which offers excellent adherence of the oil film to the internal components of the engine. 300V also aids in the reduction of oil consumption through the formulation of low volatility synthetic base oils.

There are 8 viscosity grades of the 300V Motorsport Line available covering a wide range of race applications and conditions.

Through technical development teams, Motul is rising to the challenge of producing environmentally friendly products while matching or exceeding the performance characteristics of products being replaced.

In the formulation of products it is preferred to utilise materials that come from renewable vegetable sources such as the ester-based oils of which Motul is the market leader (specialist) and in instances where this does not apply, the products are produced from recycled or recyclable materials for packaging.

Motul exceeds client’s expectations by adopting a structured and pragmatic approach to attain maximum efficiency while meeting the requirements of internationally recognised quality benchmarks. Motul is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and TS16949:2009.

Motul products undergo strict inspections at each stage of their life cycle, from formulation to blending and packaging. They are also regularly sampled and analysed at all the stages of their dissemination (storage, distribution and sales points).

For additional info:
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Justin Levy at 011 776 8800 or 082 771 8211