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358769We are pleased to announce the appointment of Roger McCleery as the new Chairman of the SAGMJ.

Due to a change in the nature of his employment, Christo Valentyn has resigned as Chairman of the SAGMJ. After a secret ballot that took place at the General Meeting of the SAGMJ held on 21 August 2014, SAGMJ President, Danie van Jaarsveld, announced that Roger McCleery has been elected for the position of Chairman.

Roger McCleery has been involved in the motoring industry since 1958, when he started writing road tests of cars and motorcycles for Motor Parade - one of only two magazines available at that time. He has had his own programme as presenter and commentator on National Radio since 1969 and had his own TV programme for years.

Roger has also served on the other side of the industry fence, including five years in the Transport Department al Caltex, and 12 years at Midmacor (including positions as PR Manager and National Sales Manager for Honda, and running the Honda motorcycle racing tean6 on tar and dirt). He worked nine years at Alfa Romeo, 18 months at Nissan and has managed his own company, Motoring Media Promotions, promoting the motor industry and organised events for 28 years.

An active participant and supporter of motor sport, Roger's contribution to the motoring industry at large, including motoring journalism, has earned him the SAGMJ's Lifetime Achievement Award. The Guild also chose to recognise Roger by declaring him as Fellow of the Guild at the Guild’s AGM on 30 June 2014.

We are confident that these credentials equip Roger very adequately for the position of Chairman of the Guild.

The Guild welcomes its new Chairman and wishes him every success in shaping the future of the Guild. At the same time we want to thank Christo Valentyn for his leadership and the valuable contribution as Chairman over the past year.

The Committee of the Guild for 2014/2015 is thus as follows:
Bobby Cheetham stood in as representative of the Eastern- and Southern Cape regions for the purposes of the OGM. Members from the Eastern- and Southern Cape region are invited to nominate Bobby or any other full member from these regions as their regional representative.

For all administration queries you can contact Adell de Vos at the Guild office.

Minutes of the OGM held on 21 August 2014 with resolutions will be distributed to the membership shortly.

Kind regards
Adell de Vos