Welcome to the motorpics RSS Feed.

To follow our feed:
  • simply subscribe to www.motorpics.co.za in your favourite reader
  • or paste the url below into the feed address for your reader.

What is RSS?

RSS is commonly accepted to stand for Really Simple Syndication and is the simplest, most reliable way of keeping up to date with information provided on the web. It is the digital equivalent of a "wire service"

How does it work?

Your RSS reader will continuously update itself with the feeds that you subscribe to and display the heading and a brief summary of the content with a link for you to click through to the web page where the information is hosted. As soon as you've read an item, it drops from the display, so that the reader's content always consists of fresh, unread material.

What are the benefits of using an RSS Feed?

E-mail is, fundamentally, not a reliable delivery mechanism. While it works well and has changed the way we communicate, delivery is not guaranteed and the recipient has no way of knowing that he has not received communication.

An RSS feed:
  • does not use e-mail as its delivery mechanism
  • is not blocked by SPAM filters
  • is delivered to all subscribers almost instantaneously
  • does not consume large bandwidth as the full content is only delivered to those who specifically requested it
  • Does not invade the end user's privacy as they can subscribe and unsubscribe as they wish

How else can I stay up to date with all the information on motorpics?

You can:
  • Follow items of interest by clicking on the "follow" button at the top right of any information display
  • You can follow us on twitter
  • You can subscribe to a Content Provider's mailing lists